Kristen Arizmendez-Chitwood


Primary Specialties
Pediatrics Medical


“Our mouths are the gateway to our lives. We talk, we eat, we express joy with a smile or discontent with a frown. While we use our mouths every day many do not know exactly how it can affect our health and ultimately our lives.”

Kristen has been blessed with amazing Dentists over her life and has been taught the benefits of keeping up with her oral hygiene. She became a Hygienist so that she could provide a happy and positive educational experience.

Kristen is happily married to her sweetheart, Jonathan, for over 6 years. They love to travel and have been to France, Italy, Switzerland, England and the Bahamas. She loves being with her family, crafting and going out to dinner with friends. On the weekends you can find her spoiling her 7 nieces or 4 nephews, and trying to catch up on some sleep.

  • Member of the Orange County Dental Hygienists’ Society